My First Milk Bath Photo Shoot

I’ve seen a milk bath photo shoot online before and it really struck a chord with me.  I decided to give it a whirl and was fortunate enough to have a beautiful Mom and baby to try it out on.  It was nothing short of a success!  It was not as difficult as I had imagined, but I’m quite certain a lot of that was because of my gorgeous models who made my job effortless.

This setting, I feel, really allowed me to capture the essence of motherhood and the closeness and beauty of breastfeeding.  The first few months, despite the sleep deprivation, are truly one of the most amazing experiences a mother has.  I think, using a milk bath as the setting, helped enhance the artistry that much more.

I’m quite certain that the milk bath backdrop will compliment other photography genres as well. This new canvas has opened a whole range of creativity for me and I’m excited to explore the possibilities.

I’m going to continue offering this type of session.  The next one I’m going to tackle is a milk bath boudoir.

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