“Mommy Wounds” – A Mother’s Love

I recently had the privilege of working with some pretty amazing women. They allowed me to photograph their “mommy wounds”, with their children. I’m use to taking pictures of special moments between mothers and their babes, but this was so much more. I was capturing the reality of motherhood; love, pain, physical transformation and beauty. Why are mothers so concerned with body image?  And why can’t we just be happy with what happens to our bodies after we give birth?  The end result changes our lives forever.  We are given the greatest gift ever, yet we still worry and obsess over the effects of our pregnancies. I am fortunate enough to know some really awesome women who are trying to help others find their confidence and be proud of who we are, the way they are, wounds and all; thank you “Women Who Swear”!  Becoming a mother is personally one of my greatest life moments and I want to thank these women who trusted me with such a personal experience and permitted me to share it with others, so that women might realize we all have mommy wounds and they are truly beautiful.

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